About Us

Country Day School of the Holy Union

From the beginnings of Holy Union, our Founder Jean Baptiste Debrabant "saw Christian education as the best means to bring the Gospel message to a de-Christianized society in post-revolutionary France."  Holy Union Sisters Constitution. 

Established in 1949, the Country Day School of the Holy Union provided Catholic Education to generations of elementary students from Groton and the surrounding communities. In March 2017, the Holy Union Sisters announced that the school would close at the end of the school year.
“After carefully reviewing data and doing everything to reverse the trend of decreasing enrollment, we were unable to find a path to keep the school sustainable,” stated Sr. Yvette Ladurantaye, a member of the Leadership Team of the Holy Union Sisters. In a letter to parents, Principal Mary Hamelin commended the dedicated faculty and staff, as well as the current and past families for their tireless work to foster an academically rigorous and faith-filled community."