Justice & Peace

Justice & Peace

"... Everywhere and always, O God, let us reveal your love by responding to the needs of the poor, the oppressed and victims of violence.."  2011 Collegial Assembly Document

Our founder, Father John Baptist Debrabant, encouraged the first sisters to be mindful of the poor as they began their work and mission “to be at the heart of world revealing God’s love.” 

  • Human Trafficking

    The United States Province of the Holy Union Sisters has taken a Corporate Stance Against Trafficking of Women and Children. Because of this, sisters participate in Anti-Trafficking efforts in Massachusetts, public Prayer Vigils, pray with special services on the theme of Human Trafficking. They participate in Call In Days by contacting their Senators and Congress persons about legislation benefiting victims of trafficking. Holy Union Sisters have put decals with the U.S.   Read More...

  • Laudato Si

    Pope Francis' encyclical has generated a great deal of interest throughout the world. Here are some resources to help you learn more about it.   Visit the Vatican website to read the entire encyclical.Catholics Confront Global Poverty is an initiative of the U.S.   Read More...

  • UNANIMA International

    The Holy Union Sisters are members of UNANIMA International, a  Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations. It is composed of  twenty-one smaller congregations of religious women. To learn more about  the issues that UNANIMA is working on and to subscribe to the monthly  newsletter, click on this link: UNANIMA   Read More...

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