Prayer for Earth Day

We are so grateful, Creator God,
For your gift of the earth.
We praise its beauty and bounty;
We recognize the interconnectedness
Of all life, animate and inanimate,
On this blazing blue planet,
Which echoes your sense
Of the communion of all Creation.
Forgive us our trespasses
Against our mother earth,
Especially for the pollution
We have created through
Greed and negligence.
We have littered your Garden
And defiled its waters
With tons of plastic debris.
Give us the grace to restore
The seas, waterways, and the land
By committing to use less of what harms
And by being more mindful and diligent
To use only materials that are will help.
Call us to our responsibility, and our right,
To advocate more diligently for
The care of Creation, in our local,
National, and global communities.
Guide us to show our deep appreciation
Through every action we take for Creation. Amen.

Education for Justice, a project of Center of Concern