Water With Blessings

Who and What is Water with Blessings?

We are mothers and missioners who bring clean water to God's thirsty children.We empower, equip, and entrust MOTHERS as agents of clean water and compassion for their children and their communities.We recognize and build upon the capacity of local people as the solution for their own local need for safe water.
Our first step is to empower mothers in service to their communities. Then we equip them with the highest-quality filtration system. Finally, we entrust them with the role of Water Woman. These Water Women are the secret to our remarkable success in bringing clean water to families in the developing world.
Missioners who serve in the developing world want to bring the blessing of clean water to their brothers and sisters. As partners in our award-winning program,* they have access to a tested and proven program that empowers them to empower others.
Innovative, highest-quality equipment, combined with an innovative, best-practices program model – for amazing results!
*Water With Blessings was awarded a 2014 Award for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health by the Pan American Health Organization Foundation.