World Refugee Day

As members of UNANIMA International, a non-governmental organization at the United Nations, Holy Union Sisters pay special attention to international observances of the United Nations. July 20 is World Refugee Day. Visit the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) website.
where you can find their (2017) annual report which contains the latest statistics and short videos telling the stories of refugees.

Global Sisters Report Seeking Refuge: Global Sisters Report begins special series on refugees.
Over the next several weeks, GSR will bring a sharper focus to the plight of refugees. The report will follow the journeys refugees make: living in camps, seeking asylum, experiencing resettlement and integration, and those who are deported to a country they may only vaguely remember or that may still be dangerous.
Though not every refugee follows this exact pattern, these stages in the journey are emblematic for many — and at every stage, Catholic women religious are doing what they can to help.
Take the attached quiz to test your knowledge about refugees,Interactive_Quiz on Refugees and IDPs.051616.pdf