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Holy Union Sisters – United States Province Mission Statement

As women of the church and members of an international congregation we are called to ‘be at the heart of the world, revealing God’s love.’ (Constitutions Article 1)

We are women of a country enriched by its cultural diversity yet marked by extremes of affluence and deprivation, privilege and inequality. Strengthened by our charism of union, we are challenged in our lives to promote justice based on Gospel values.

Our characteristic virtues inspire us to respond wholeheartedly to the needs of our times:

  • Simplicity ~ We choose to live simple, uncluttered lives in a complex, consumer-driven society;
  • Solitude ~ We nurture a contemplative attitude amid the violence and noise of an ever- accelerating pace of life;
  • Obedience ~ We foster personal and communal discernment for mission in contrast to the extreme individualism of our society;
  • Charity ~ We embrace all with compassion and reverence, especially the poor, the majority of whom are women and children.

Faithful to our name and charism of UNION, we seek throughout our lives to deepen our understanding of the mystery of the Incarnation, which impels us to reconcile all in Christ, ‘That all may be One.’ (Jn 17:21)

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