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While our order started in the classroom, as many others did, we have moved out into the world always seeking its heart to find were we are most needed and can help make a difference.

For decades we have worked with troubled youth, prisoners, abused women and children, the poor, the elderly, the forgotten, the immigrants, the hungry and the sick.  Our efforts are meant to reveal God’s love for all our brothers and sisters by shining a light of Hope for them.

Below are videos designed to help our friends and supporters learn about our works through a series of stories, often from the sisters themselves.


The Holy Union Podcast, “Called to Be…”

This new ministry is a way to leverage technology to reveal God’s love to thousands of people we never could before.  Sisters Nancy Stiles, Alice Arsenault, Barbara Walsh, Alice Michael, Maryellen Ryan, and Fran Cavey lead this ministry which strives to include as many Sisters and Associates as possible.

The Holy Union Sisters in Haiti

For many years our sisters have worked to help the people of this country who have been the victims of government corruption and abuse as well as natural disasters.  This is a “Thank You” to the good people of North Attleboro, MA who have been supporting our efforts for many years.


The Holy Union Sisters in Cameroon

The sisters have been working in Cameroon for many decades.  Churches, schools, and clinics have been critical features of the communities we have served.  Below is a story featuring just one of the extraordinary families the sisters have had the honor of knowing.


So God Made a Sister

A video tribute to women religious orders everywhere, this video highlights the diversity and personal impact of the many ministries to which sisters have devoted themselves for many years.  It also points to the importance of those who join with the sisters to make these ministries possible.


A Partial Gallery of the Works of Sr. Paul Rita

Sr. Paul Rita, SUSC (Marie Genevieve Champigny) was a Holy Union Sister who was gifted in many ways.  She was a talented painter, and her work hangs on the walls of many homes across New England to this day.  We are pleased to be able to share with you this sample of her talent.


Remembering Our Holy Union Albums

In the early 1960’s our Sisters recorded four albums to be used as a fundraiser to help pay for several construction projects in Fall River, MA.  This video tells the story of the making of these albums.   If you would like a copy of the four-album CD please use our contact us page to request one as a thank you for a donation of $50 or more.  

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