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What is the Holy Union Podcast?

The Holy Union Podcast was created as a way to share discussions with interested listeners on an array of topics between and among the Sisters and Associates.  Every discussion is based on the perspective of Holy Union spirituality and features different combinations of sisters talking about specific topics.  Our hope is that you find these conversations helpful, inspiring, entertaining, or just plain interesting.  Taken together,  they are meant to help us all grow in faith as we continue our journey together.

To listen, simply scroll down and click the red Arrow button under the episode you want to hear.  The most recent episode is listed first, with earlier ones below it.  Our podcast is also available on all the major podcast platforms like Apple iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMusic, GooglePodcast, iHeartRadio and more, so you can listen on your smartphone by searching for “Called to Be”.  We hope you save us among your “favorites”!

Episode # 5 – Prayer (5-1-2022)

This episode is an extended discussion on the topic of Prayer.  Sr. Alice Arsenault moderates a discussion which features Sr. Rita Theresa Goulet, Sr. Kathleen Corrigan, and Holy Union Associate, Nelda Jardin.  They discuss what prayer is, why we pray, God’s answers to our prayers, and various kinds of prayer.  This episode is longer than most, but the topic is so compelling, we’re certain we will do additional episodes on this topic.  We hope you enjoy it.   

Episode # 4 – Holy Union in Cameroon, Africa – Part 1 (4-1-2022)

Sister Fran Cavey moderates a discussion with Holy Union Sisters, Roberta Desjardins, Marilyn Gignac, and Terri Theroux about Holy Union’s early years in Cameroon.  Over many decades, our Sisters established orphanages, clinics, schools, and houses of religious formation.  Today, as a result of their efforts, and those of others, we have more Sisters in Cameroon than in the US. Please watch for future episodes on this topic.

Episode # 3 – Living the Holy Union Charism as an Associate (3-1-22)

Sister MaryEllen Ryan moderates a discussion with Holy Union Associates, Margaret Admirand, April Lewis, and Myrna Badillo about what it means to live the Holy Union Charism as an Associate.  All three of these women are New York Associates and each shares her experiences as a part of the Holy Union Associate community, and discusses why they became Associates, and the works they have been involved in.

Episode #2 – Living the Holy Union Charism Today (2-1-22)

Sister Fran Cavey moderates a discussion between Sisters Alice Arsenault, Lorraine Sirois, and Nancy Stiles about how they live out the Holy Union Charism now that they are no longer in the classroom.   All have spent years in new roles with new focuses, proving God’s love can be revealed in many ways depending on the needs of the time and the time of life.   

Episode #1 – Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves (1-1-22)

Join Holy Union Sisters Ann Boland, Mary Catherine Burns, Pat Mulryan, and Barbara Walsh, as they embark on our introductory episode.  We discuss our congregation’s founding, how and why we came to the U.S., as well as the original ministry to which we dedicated ourselves: Catholic education.  We discuss several of the schools where we taught or were administrators, and even touch on what things are important for parents looking for a school for their children today. 

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