Who We Are

Who We Are

We, Holy Union women, are called to commit ourselves anew, in our beautiful but broken world, to share Jesus’ promise of abundant life. We are called to recognize and share God’s love in the world in which we live today. We are invited to see God, present and active, in the holy mystery of the universe, waiting for us to play our part in the interdependence of all creation. In a time of unprecedented change for our world, and in the Congregation we are becoming, we choose to live community with all God’s people and with the whole of Creation. Collegial Assembly Document 2011

We are an international congregation of Catholic women religious who minister today on four continents. We wear a cross with the Latin words Sancta Unio inscribed on the front, as a symbol of our internationality. It reminds us of the desire of our founder, Jean Baptiste Debrabant, who in a letter to the sisters in 1842, wrote of the special significance of our name: “You have received that name only that you may form all together a union of heart, mind and affection in Jesus and Mary.”

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