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Cardinal Timothy Dolan Offers Special Blessing for Sr. Margaret McCabe



On April 5th, Cardinal Timothy Dolan visited Rikers Island in New York, where he celebrated Mass for staff and detainees and later offered a special blessing for Sr. Margaret “Peg” McCabe, who has been working as chaplain there for over 36 years, according to Steven Schwankert  from “The Good Newsroom”.  To read the full story and see video from the day click this link:  https://thegoodnewsroom.org/cardinal-timothy-m-dolan-performs-mass-for-staff-and-detainees-at-the-eric-m-taylor-center/

The Cardinal referenced St. Dismas, the good thief,  in his remarks, suggesting there is hope for every one of us until the very end, and how important his consolation must have been to Jesus on the cross.

Sr. Peg McCabe is celebrating her 65th year as a Holy Union Sister this year, and has loved her ministry at Rikers Island.  For more information on the Catholic Community of New York, please visit www.thegoodnewsroom.org. 


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