Catholic Sisters Week

The week of March 10th is Catholic Sisters Week and The Pilot newspaper in Boston will feature a full section dedicated to Catholic women religious orders.  Our Province has chosen to honor all Catholic Sisters in an ad which is depicted here.  The ad celebrates the fearless spirit of Catholic sisters who strive to live vocations which reflect the Works of Mercy.  Our world can be a difficult and even dangerous landscape to occupy, and often living a life guided by the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy requires a fearless spirit.  Sisters’ selfless and tireless work has changed our country and our world in so many ways.  Sadly, today many are unaware of their contribution to areas like education, healthcare, social justice, care for the poor and abused, and so many others.  We salute Sisters everywhere and keep them in our prayers as they work below society’s radar screen as unsung heroes, doing God’s work as they continue to see our Lord Jesus in the eyes and faces of those to whom they minister.  May God continue to bless them all.

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