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Happy 101st Birthday to Sr. Laurette De Champlain!



On Sunday, September 24th, several Sisters converged on Clifton Nursing Home in Somerset, MA to celebrate Sr. Laurette De Champlain’s 101st birthday!  The joyful visit included a beautiful cake and the two things Sr. Laurette requested (a lobster roll and a glass of Miller Lite)!  Everyone enjoyed themselves, singing Happy Birthday and getting caught up on all the news as our leadership charts a course forward for our community.

Sr, Laurette blew out her candles, and everyone enjoyed a little lunch with birthday cake for dessert.  Sr. Laurette is doing great, and as always, her spirits are high, her wit is razor sharp, and her memory is absolutely amazing.  God has blessed Sr. Laurette with a long life.  Her prayer life is rich and reminds us of when famous cellist Pablo Casals was asked why, at the age of 90, he continued to practice the cello every day, he replied, ” Because I think I’m making progress.”  Sr. Laurette, you have given us all a wonderful example!

Enjoy the picture below and join us in praying for Sr. Laurette on this wonderful milestone!



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