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Providing Clean Drinking Water to Ukraine and Syria



Our Province is pleased to have recently sent a significant donation to Water with Blessings (WWB) for use in the war-torn and natural disaster zones in Ukraine and Syria.

Some background on our relationship with Water with Blessings: in May, 2020 the General Leadership Team implanting a mandate from the Holy Union Collegial Assembly “to live the urgent call of “Laudato Si”, initiated a corporate response. that would contribute to a vital development goal: Access to Clean Water.

In response, the US Province reached out and began collaborating with Water with Blessings, a non-profit begun by the Ursuline Sisters of Kentucky to provide clean drinking water to children and families in need, who are now operating in 45 countries around the world.

Beginning in 2007 WWB started to train mothers in remote/underserved communities to filter water using the Sawyer PointONE filter. Equipped and empowered, these mothers have become Water Women who serve their families and neighbors. Since then, WWB has extended its program to Native American and Appalachian families who lack access to safe drinking water.  Most recently they began distributing Sawyer PointONE filters wherever war or natural disaster impact access to safe drinking water including Ukraine and Syria.

Since 2021, our Province (Sisters and Associates) have provided funds sufficient to purchase 270 filter pumps. With each woman committed to sharing and helping (on average) four other women, and each family made up of (on average) five people, this effort impacts 5,400 people.  Initially our efforts were focused on Haiti, but we have now expanded to to include Ukraine and Syria.

Our Province’s involvement has been led by Sr. Fran Cavey who would be pleased for you to learn more about this life-saving effort by visiting https://waterwithblessings.org/ and help in whatever way you can. Below are images of just a few who are currently benefitting from this program.  Images used with the permission of Water with Blessings.

Passion, generosity and the networking skills of our sisters and associates empowers a truly corporate Holy Union response



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