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Holy Union Gathers in Rome for our Collegial Assembly



We Holy Union Sisters are holding a Collegial Assembly in Nemi, Italy, from July 24 to August 10th. The Collegial Assembly meets every six years and includes elected representatives and staff from the various areas of the congregation; their task is to review “the state of the congregation,” to determine our direction for the next six years, and to elect a leadership team, who will be our guides until 2029.

We will be more than 40 at the Assembly, mostly Holy Union Sisters from Argentina, Belgium, Cameroon, France, Ireland, Italy, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, and the United States, but also lay professionals who will work with us in different capacities. We’ll be six from the United States Province; Sister Paula Coelho, our current congregation leader (and a Tauntonian), will serve as president of the Assembly. The US Province delegation is composed of elected and ex-officio members: Sisters Kathleen Corrigan, Mary Lou Sullivan, and myself. Our responsibilities will include receiving and reviewing reports from the General Council, Treasurer General, and our financial managers as well as from the different areas of the congregation, discerning our way forward, and electing the next congregation leadership team (the General Council). Sister Fran Cavey, as interim Secretary General, will be responsible for the official records of the Assembly; Sister Mary Lou Simcoe will be in charge of communications to the congregation and the general public (be sure to check the congregation website www.suscinternational.org regularly); Sister Alice Michael will work with English-Spanish translation.

Please pray for us during these weeks as together we work to chart a course for the next phase of our Holy Union.

Click the link below to visit our Collegial Assembly Page on our Congregational website and watch a video of our first day.








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