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Electing Our New Province Leadership Team!


On January 14th, our Sisters gathered to elect our new Province Leadership Team.  After many months of preparation involving many Sisters both here and abroad, we were at last ready to take the final step of electing the team who will be responsible for leading our Province forward during a time when the form of religious life continues to evolve.

Our current team was delighted to participate in this process and ritual, and serious consideration was given to many factors to form a team that would be well suited to lead effectively with wisdom and inclusion.  The new leadership is a two person team, as was decided after several years of discernment, who will be aided by a series of committees, each with a specific focus and purpose.  This collaboration is seen as an essential element of the new leadership model, and we are excited to embrace it.

Our new Province Leadership Team is comprised of Sr. Kathleen Corrigan and Sr. MaryLou Sullivan.  Both Sisters have held positions on the Leadership Team in the past, with Sr. Kathee being part of the current team.  We ask that you join us in praying for them as they prepare to take on their new roles starting on September 1, 2023.  They will serve for a four year term during a time of great change in religious life.  No doubt, they will be tasked with making many decisions as together we travel down the road which is unfolding before us.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the collaboration of our Sisters and the support of our friends we are filled with hope and excitement for the next four years!

Congratulations to, and may God bless Sr. Kathleen Corrigan and Sr. MaryLou Sullivan!

We hope you enjoy the pictures from the day below.


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