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Each week leading up to November 3rd, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) are providing reflective materials for the election season. They offer these reflections in the hope that they will contribute to the work of building ‘a more perfect union’. For more information, visit the LCWR Social Justice Page
The reflections can be downloaded here.
Week 1: Out of Many One 09.15.20_out_of_one_many
Week 2: The Power of Shared Heartbreak.09.22.20_shared_heartbreak
Week 3: Soulful Politics 09.29.20 LCWR Soulful Politics
Week 4: Stitching Seamless Garment 10.06.20 LCWR-
Week 5: Courage and the Common Good 10.13.20_commongood
Week 6: A Call to Contemplative Action 10.20.20_contemplative
Week 7: The Power of Love 10.27.20_love
Election Day: On the Pulse of Morning11.03.20_electionday


Catholic Climate Covenant offers this voting resource for the 2020 election.
The U.S. bishops call Catholics to “apply a consistent moral framework to issues facing the nation and world” and “shape their choices in elections in the light of Catholic Social Teaching.” Just as St. Francis of Assisi demonstrated throughout his life, we too must put our love into action. Ahead of the November 3 U.S. election, pledge to enact love and vote informed by the fullness of Catholic Social Teaching.
Take the pledge to vote with Catholic love in action. Join thousands of other people of faith who have pledged to vote with love in action through ours and our partners’ efforts.
Inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, “I pledge to vote with love in action in mind so as to protect life, respect human dignity, and promote the common good, including God’s gift of creation.”
We also invite you to share the pledge with friends and family: https://bit.ly/PledgeVoteLoveinAction











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