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Every four years the U.S. Catholic Bishops issue a long document, “Faithful Citizenship” that offers guidance on voting. The Catholic News Service has a useful explainer article on this year’s “Faithful Citizenship”.

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How many House seats are up for reelection in 2024? All of them! Unlike the Senate, the House of Representatives is not sectioned off so that only certain members are up for re-election each year. Instead, representatives face re-election every two years, meaning in 2024 all 435 seats will be up for election. Meg Olson, Grassroots Mobilization Director at Network, the Catholic Social Justice Lobby, describes voting as an act of love. Network’s Voting and Democracy website offers comprehensive information on legislative issues based on Catholic Social Teaching.


A polarized Church. A divided nation. Pope Francis calls for “a better kind of politics.” How will we respond?
As Catholics, we take to heart Jesus’ invitation to follow the example of the Good Samaritan, who challenges us to “become neighbors to all”. As a Church and a nation, we are polarized and divided. But as Pope Francis writes in Fratelli Tutti, we can seek “a better kind of politics, one truly at the service of the common good” (no. 154). We can see ourselves as members of one family. We can seek to encounter and to grow. We can identify common values. We can listen to understand. We can seek the truth together. We can jointly come up with creative solutions to the problems that face our world. Visit this website to learn more.
According to Pope Francis, “a better kind of politics” means working across differences to listen to one another and connect around shared values. This will result in creative solutions for the common good. Download these5-Tips-from-Pope-Francisthat are essential for a “better kind of politics” in both our Church and society.
Join 87% of Americans from all walks of life who imagine a world beyond “us vs. them. Starts With Us is a movement tired of polarizing politics and endless culture wars and declares the power to reclaim our culture Starts With Us. It was founded on the beliefs that diversity of thought is a strength that leads to our most innovative ideas and that we must cooperate across our differences to solve the most pressing societal challenges of our time. Visit the website to learn more. 

The Kennedy Library is devoting an upcoming forum to the Election 2024 Preview on May 23 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Errin Haines, Editor-at-Large for The 19th*, Lisa Lerer, national political correspondent for The New York Times, and Amna Nawaz, co-anchor of PBS NewsHour will explore key issues for the 2024 elections with Molly Ball, senior political correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. You can watch a video and register for this event at this link


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