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Prayer Elimination of Violence Against Women

Stop Violence Against Women

Lord of all, help us to be silent for a moment
So we can hear the cries of girls and women,
Some loud, many muffled,
Enduring violence in every area
Of our global community.

Help us to be still for a moment,
So we can recognize
The terror on the faces
Of ten-year-old school girls raped in the Congo,
Girls of fourteen in Pakistan,
Shot for wanting an education,
Eighteen-year-old sex slaves in Europe,
U.S. college students, raped on campus,
Young wives in India threatened with burning,
Battered women in every country.

Help us to take the time
To reflect on the fact
That the majority of human rights violations
Across your world
Are acts of violence toward women.
The roots of such hatred are deep and tangled,
And justice is long overdue.

We ask Your help to act
So we may become agents of transformation,
Willing to work to change systems and structures
That have fostered and allowed such violence
To continue, to this day, in the human community.

All humans, women and men,
Are made in your image and likeness,
And have immeasurable dignity.
Help us, for a moment, to be silent and still
So we can recognize You in the faces
Of every girl and every woman. Amen.
— Jane Deren, Ph.D.
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