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Exciting News at Lighthouse School!



March 18, 2023

In 1967 Sister Theodora Martel (Sr. Gabrielle Lucie), a Holy Union Sister, set up a room in the basement of The Holy Union Retirement home in Lowell, MA with the intention of providing students with learning disabilities the specialized support they needed to grow academically. In that era, alternative resources were nonexistent in the area. Originally known as “Holy Union Special School”, the room was soon at its capacity and so the group moved to a new space in the Read Building at the Middlesex County Training School in Lowell in 1977, where it continued to expand its staff and resources to meet the growing need. By 1979 they expanded again taking over a facility on Old Westford Rd. in Chelmsford.

It was incorporated as Lighthouse School in 1986 under the leadership of Dr. Michael Pappafagos, PhD. and still staffed partially by Holy Union Sisters. For many years Dr. Pappafagos oversaw and guided the school’s trajectory as it continued to grow and serve the children in the area with increasingly diverse needs.

In July 2023, under the new leadership of Dr. Scott Bartis, Ph.D, they broke ground on an entirely new additional building which is scheduled to be completed some time during next school year. This will dramatically increase their ability to serve these wonderful children, marking a whole new era in the school’s history. We can’t help to think about how amazed Sister Theodora Martel would be at how far her little one-room school has come!

Below, please find a series of photos of the project. Join us in praying for Lighthouse School’s continued success and service to this community and their families, as they continue to be a “Blessing from Generation to Generation”. We are so pleased to have been able to plant the seeds from which this school sprouted, and are so grateful for the hard work and dedication of so many over the years. Together, we can achieve so much. For more information on Lighthouse School please visit them at www.lighthouseschool.org.   Also, watch for an update in this summer’s issue of Response!

Enjoy the picture below and many thanks to all those who help support our works!



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