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To Labor and To Love
A prayer on the Feast of Saint Frances Cabrini
On November 13 we honor St. Frances Cabrini, the first U.S. citizen to be named a saint and patron saint of immigrants.

Though thought frail in body,
You embodied the strength
Of the immigrant women you served for so many years.
Compassion and concern moved you to labor and to love in new and challenging places.
Deeply rooted in your faith, you longed to proclaim the Good News
through service and encounter.
You traveled as the way opened across the Atlantic to a new ministry.
Deeply devoted to your community, you provided schools and health care
To so many who were often not welcomed in the new country,
To so many whose voices and needs were ignored.
St. Francis Cabrini, we ask that you bring our prayers for all immigrants
To the heart of Christ;
May we see them as you did, with compassion and concern,
And may we serve them as you did, with a recognition that they, too,
Are our beloved community.
           – Jane Deren, Ph.D. Education for Justice