Growing in Faith

Monthly Reflections

A Holy Union Reflection for October 2019


Each month we’re pleased to provide a reflection on a topic which is relevant to everyday life, a quiet moment in a busy day to consider God’s plan for you, or to discern how to respond to life’s circumstances.  Step back and look around.  Let go of the stress, turn off the noise and relax.  Know that God can bring good out of all things and trust in the grace and blessings which are made available to us all.


…to all the ends of the earth! (Acts 1:8)

Jesus charges his apostles and disciples with this task shortly before his Ascension. By the end of the Acts of the Apostles, Paul has reached Rome , at that time the center of the civilized world. His mission to go to the “ends of the earth” is complete – and the rest is left to us. We are charged to witness and bring the message of salvation to our common home, our planet Earth.

In Biblical times the “ends of the earth” meant a journey of a few thousand miles, and maybe crossing a few empires. Today we apprehend the vastness of our earth and the smallness of it in relation to the universe we now know exists.
Witness is the measure of the spirituality we profess. What we do because of what we say we believe is the mark of genuine witness. (S. Joan Chittister, Milwaukee, 2002, NACAR conference)

In her Opening Address to the Holy Union Sisters’ Enlarged General Council recently held in Dublin, Ireland, Sister Paula (Superior General) echoes this task given by Jesus so long ago in her challenges to Congregation:

What is God asking of us? What are we asking of one another?
We are called not to walk on water, but to stir the waters;
We are … called to sit at table of encounter;
We are … called to be prophets.

What does your journey in spreading the Gospel look like?
What has it revealed to you?



Our October reflection comes to us by Sr. Nancy Stiles, SUSC, a Holy Union Sister.  Many thanks to Sr. Nancy.