Justice and Peace Issues

Prayer for Hispanic Heritage Month

We invite you to pray with our Hispanic sisters and brothers who are suffering greatly at this time.

God, you are the God of acceptance and love.
We come from different places, externally and internally.
Our journeys have not been the same, but we share the Gospel dream
that all are born with the right to food, housing, health, education,
and a right to live free of discrimination, hatred and fear.
Through the prophet, Isaiah, you remind us that each of us is called by name
and that we are precious in your eyes.
Help us to mirror unity and diversity and to create welcoming spaces
where people can tell their stories and be heard.
May we be open to learning from those who think, speak, write,
and dance differently.
Continue to grant us the courage to change those parts of ourselves that
impede us from being your presence in a society where greed, competitiveness,
and indifference prevail.
We have much to learn from our Hispanic sisters and brothers of yesterday
and today.
May we learn from their examples and model authentic justice and equality.
We ask this in your Son’s name, the One who invites us to be voices of challenge
and a people of movement and change. Amen.
Education for Justice