At the heart of who we are is our name, Holy Union

We express this union first of all by being one with ourselves. We strive to bring this union to our world by working among different cultures, ethnic groups, the deprived and marginalized. We strive to respect and care for the earth.

The Holy Union Sisters are an international congregation of Catholic women religious who minister today on four continents. We wear a cross with the Latin words, Sancta Unio inscribed on the front, as a symbol of our internationality. It reminds us of the desire of our founder, Jean Baptiste Debrabant, who in a letter to the sisters in 1842, wrote of the special significance of our name: “You have received that name only that you may form all together a union of heart, mind and affection in Jesus and Mary.”

Looking for a Sister

We want to help you reconnect with a Holy Union Sister whom you had as a teacher, worked with in parish ministry, or simply knew…

Dorothy Vaill Fund

Applications to the Dorothy Vaill Memorial Fund for the 2019 academic year are now available. In order to be considered for 2019, applications must be postmarked by February 15th, 2019. Award recipients will be notified in mid-April.

What’s New

Seeking Transformation in Pittsburgh

Seeking Transformation in Pittsburgh

From April 28 through May 1, 2024, over 250 women religious leaders, communicators, and justice and peace promoters convened at the Sheraton Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA to discuss “A Transformation of Consciousness”.

Off to Santa Clara, CA!

Off to Santa Clara, CA!

Our Archives have begun their journey to the west coast to their new home at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA. We filled two trucks with precious memories and artifacts of our time here.

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