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Jan. 1 World Day of Peace

The World Day of Peace was established by Pope Paul VI in his December 1967 message and celebrated for the first time in January 1968. 2022 marks the 55th World Day of Peace. This year’s theme is: Dialogue Between Generations, Education and Work:Tools for Building Lasting Peace
In the text, Pope Francis outlined three “paths for building a lasting peace”:
promoting dialogue between generations,
investing in education, and
improving labor conditions.
The pope called for a new alliance between the young and elderly to address the problems of isolation and self-absorption heightened by the coronavirus pandemic.
From these three paths, the following questions arise:
Does work in the world respond, more or less, to the vital need of humans for justice and freedom?
Are the generations truly in solidarity with each other?
Do they believe in the future?
Do governments succeed in setting a horizon of peace in this context? 
You can read Pope Francis’ message for the 2022 World Day of Peace at this link:




















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