Justice and Peace

January 1 – World Day of Prayer for Peace

On January 1st, 2019 Pope Francis.will mark the annual World Day of Peace with a message titled: “Good Politics is at the Service of Peace.” Pope Francis compels everyone to be engaged in the work of advocating for and with those whose voices are marginalized, to ensure the protection and fulfillment of the ‘youngest and smallest.’
– Pray.
Pray for the grace to approach all political and social issues from a starting point of faith, love, and a spirit of generosity.You may also try one of the prayer practices at bit.ly/9WaysPray to enrich your experience of prayer for peace.
– Learn.
Civic participation and faithful citizenship require us to understand the political and social issues that impact our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Visit USCCB resources on Catholic Social Teaching and civic engagement to further your knowledge. Read stories of hope to learn how faith communities are answering the call to work for peace and justice.
– Act.
Join tens of thousands of Catholics to advocate for policies that support justice and peace in the U.S. and those experiencing poverty or conflict around the world. Take action today by visiting confrontglobalpoverty.org. Join 500+ Catholic Advocates on Capitol Hill for the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering (Feb. 2-5, 2019.)
You can read Pope Francis’ Message for the World Day of Peace here.
52nd World Day of Peace 2019 – Good politics is at the service of peace _ Francis