Justice and Peace

June 20 -World Refugee Day

U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking (USCSAHT) invites you to join in honoring refugees and remember their strength, courage, and resilience. Today, an unprecedented 68.5 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 25.4 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.1 Every 15 minutes a family is forced to flee their homeland.
 It is well known that there is a strong link between forced migration and human trafficking. Men, women, and children are made vulnerable to human trafficking by the mass displacement caused by violence, extreme poverty, humanitarian crises, climate change, natural disasters, and conflict. Impoverished, vulnerable families are targeted by traffickers who promise to provide education and opportunity only to exploit them through forced labor, sexual exploitation, enslavement, or organ theft.
Two pro-refugee bills were recently introduced in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.
The GRACE Act: The Guaranteed Refugee Admissions Ceiling Enhancement Act, H.R. 2146 & S.1088 would set a minimum Presidential Determination (PD) on refugee admissions of 95,000 each fiscal year. The bill would also mandate quarterly reports on refugee admissions, increasing transparency, accountability, and oversight.
The NO BAN Act: The National Origin-Based Antidiscrimination for Nonimmigrants Act, H.R. 2214 & S.1123 would repeal the executive orders that have halted refugee admissions, banned individuals from a number of Muslim-majority countries, and barred individuals from seeking asylum between ports of entry. In addition, it would strengthen the Immigration and Nationality Act to prohibit religious discrimination and limit overly broad executive authority to issue such bans.
Please call your members of Congress (202) 224-3121, tell them that you welcome refugees, and urge them to protect refugees and support refugee resettlement.
Visit this website https://www.sistersagainsttrafficking.org/2019-world-refugee-day-campaign/   to learn about our 2019 World Refugee Campaign and discover more ways that you can support refugees on June 20 and throughout year. You’ll find backgrounders, resources for prayer, stories of trafficked immigrants and asylum seekers, sample social media posts and more.

The international Theme of World Refugee Day is: #StepWithRefugees- Take a Step on World Refugee Day.This World Refugee Day, the United Nations challenges everyone to join together and take a step with refugees. 

Visit the website of the UN High Commission on Refugees to learn about world-wide information on refugees.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops works with Migrants and Refugees. Click here to learn more.

Visit the Justice Prayers to pray with refugees. 

Why Do We Mark International Days? 
International days are occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity. The existence of international days predates the establishment of the United Nations, but the UN has embraced them as a powerful advocacy tool.