June 24th is The Feast of The Baptist


Elizabeth and Zachary waited patiently for many years to be blessed by the birth of their child. Their patience contrasts with the sense of urgency we hear in their son’s call to repent and believe for the hour is at hand.

Our own patience has been tested this year as we have waited for the pandemic to ease. And we know that millions in our country have waited hundreds of years for relief from oppression and marginalization.

We experience the urgent need for a cure for COVID-19 and an effective vaccine against its recurrence. In our streets, we hear urgent cries for an end to racism and white supremacy, gross inequality and the marginalization of “the other.”

On this feast day, in this year, in our country, let’s pray for
the gift of holy impatience, as we yearn for and work toward healing and good health, peace of heart,
justice for all.


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