Care for our Common Home

Care for our Common Home

At the Collegial Assembly in 2017, Holy Union Sisters committed themselves to  “respond to the urgent call of “Laudato Si” and respect and care for the planet, our common home.”
To read “Laudato Si”  visit the Vatican website  

The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach offers a Laudato Si Study and Action Guide in English and Spanish. Both are attached here.

Easter Sunday is only the beginning of the resurrection story! Over the next six weeks, until the Feast of Pentecost on May 31, the Church celebrates the Easter Season and the “good news” that even in the midst of this global pandemic, the power of Christ’s resurrection is present among us, empowering us to promote justice and life for all of God’s creation.
This Easter season, a time we traditionally celebrate with great joy, is instead a time for us all to mourn the loss of loved ones, neighbors, and people around the world. This moment is also revealing the ways in which those living in poverty and other vulnerable situations are hit harder by crises like this virus. 
It is also a time for us to come together in prayer, caring for one another and for our sisters and brothers around the world with whom we share this beautiful and fragile home.
The Interreligious Working Group on Extractive Industries offers: “Easter with an Amazonian Face: weekly reflections on resurrection from participants in the Amazon Synod. This guide provides some inspiration, as well as spiritual comfort, as we journey together through this Easter season with people who participated in the Synod on the Amazon, a gathering that brought Catholic and indigenous leaders from around the world to the Vatican in October 2019. The resource includes one reflection for each week of Easter, as well as a discussion question and suggested activity for that week.
It is especially important that we reflect on the themes of interconnectedness, fragility, and solidarity as we face this coronavirus pandemic together. Indigenous peoples of the Amazon are especially vulnerable to harm from the pandemic given their lack of access to health and sanitation services and susceptibility to externally introduced diseases. This Easter, join your prayers to those of Amazonian communities. Click here for the Easter with an Amazonian Face Week 1



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