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Lenten Resources

At the 2017 General Chapter, Holy Union Sisters were invited to “respond to the urgent call of “Laudato Si”,  to respect and care for the planet, our common home and to be in right relationship … with all of creation, Here are some Lenten Resources  linked to this invitation.
Living a Laudato Si Lent
Father Terrence Moran of the Office of Peace, Justice and Ecological Integrity, Srs of Charity of St. Elizabeth offers this calendar with weekly quotes from Pope Francis’ encyclical and actions for each day of Lent. The calendar is available  in English and Spanish. Fr. Moran can be contacted at this address: tmoran@scnj.org  LIVING A LAUDATO SI LENT 2019 

Eating Simply for Lent
Fasting from meat during Lent is part of our Catholic tradition. It’s a way to live in the humble simplicity that Christ offers us. We now know that fasting from meat is also a way to sustainably inhabit our place in God’s creation.
This Lent, Global Catholic Climate Covenant offers a way to protect creation by going beyond fasting from meat on Fridays. Add 1 more day of plant-based meals to your table or strive to eat plant-based meals throughout Lent. Together, our acts of solidarity add up to better protection for our vulnerable brothers and sisters.
Take the Pledge  https://catholicclimatemovement.global/lent-2019
Many of us enjoy meat, and we’re grateful for the farming families who make our meals possible. Focusing our diets on plant-based meals and enjoying meat as an occasional treat is a sustainable way of living in our common home.
It’s a surprising fact that cattle ranching is the leading cause of deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon, and across Latin America–in Brazil, cattle ranching is responsible for approximately 80% of all deforestation. This land is often taken illegally from indigenous people.
It also surprises many people to learn that meat production is a major contributor to climate change. Weaving foods that protect creation into our diets is a way to love our neighbors, love that’s needed now more than ever.
Adding plant-based meals to our diets is an invitation to honor our Lenten tradition and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world.
A wealth of resources to support you, from frequently asked questions to bulletin announcements, is available on Global Catholic Climate’s Resources Page https://catholicclimatemovement.global/lent-2019/resources