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During this holy season of Lent, we offer these resources for your prayer, reflection, and action.

Lenten Prayer for Ash Wednesday 
May Lent be for us a time of learning to see
Where Christ is crucified today,
A time of learning
To recognize the complex roots of injustice,
To recognize the Gethsemanes in our global community.
May we witness the suffering of God’s children
As Mary witnessed her beloved son’s suffering.
May Lent be for us a time of learning to become an Easter people,
A time of learning to recognize the deep roots of compassion,
To recognize we too are called to witness the empty tomb and
To announce to a world in despair the Hope of the Resurrection. Amen.
Education for Justice  Jane Deren, Ph.D.   Click 2023 Prayer Ash Wed  to download this prayer.

The motto of Bread for the World is: WE BELIEVE A WORLD WITHOUT HUNGER IS POSSIBLE.
Bread is a Christian advocacy organization urging U.S. decision makers to do all they can to pursue a world without hunger. Its mission is to educate and equip people to advocate for policies and programs that can help end hunger in the U.S. and around the world. For nearly five decades, Bread has advocated for government policies and programs that will end hunger for good, in the U.S. and around the world. Click on 2023 LentenTable Prayer B4W to download the 2023 Lenten Prayers to End Hunger. This resource contains scripture readings, prayers, and reflections for each week of Lent to help guide your journey through a new exodus in Christ — the living waters of baptism and the bread of life that is Christ’s body.

LENTEN CALENDARS These Justice and Peace groups offer calendars to accompany us during these forty days.

Lenten Calendar 2023 from the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth. Thanks to Fr. Terry Moran.
In the spirit of the prayer of the Lakota Peoples “All My Relations,” we are invited this Lent to open our hearts to the whole world and to discover relationships of kinship with all beings. Click here to download the Calendar. Lenten Calendar 2023 All My Relations

2023 Lenten Carbon Fast Calendar created by the Environmental Ministry of the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City in English and Spanish. Click here to download the English calendar. SFX_EnvMin_LentenCalendar_2023_P._1__2_FINAL  

Click here to download the SPANISH calendar. SFX_EnvMin_LentenCalendar_2023_P._1__2_es

No Buy Lent from the Ignatian Solidarity Network
You’re invited to a “No-Buy Lent.” During this holy season in which we pray, fast, and practice almsgiving, give up buying non-essential items to make space for the sacred and to give the planet a rest. You can sign up to share your commitment and find short daily inspiration on our Lenten calendar. An accompanying PDF will be provided for folks who prefer not to use the interactive calendar.
Step one: Sign up to receive reminder emails to check the Lenten calendar which will be filled with short daily inspiration such as scripture, quotes, brief articles or videos, questions for reflection, or a suggested action. Click here to sign up.
Step two: Set your intention for the Lenten season by committing to a full no-buy (not buying anything outside of the essentials) or giving up purchases in a particular area of your life. You are encouraged to take some time to think about how you’d like to focus your Lenten no-buy commitment. Maybe there is a particular area you’d like to focus on (e.g., not buying fast food, makeup, books, shoes, video games, etc.), or perhaps you plan to not buy anything outside of the essentials. Will you buy gifts for others? What will you do if something breaks and needs to be replaced? Use this form to help you clarify your Lenten practice.

Interfaith Immigration Coalition
Lenten Values: Springing Into Action is a new resource from the IIC that journeys through the season of Lent. Through scripture, reflections, stories, prayers, and opportunities to take action, this devotional connects faith values with the work of immigration justice. These are the topics for each week: Ash Wednesday: accountability, 1st Sunday: right relationship, 2nd Sunday: community, 3rd Sunday: hope, 4th Sunday: humaneness, 5th Sunday: promise, Palm Sunday: compassion, Good Friday: love, Easter: boldness. Click on the title to download this resource.


Bring Lent to Life at Home
Catholic Relief Services offers this resource to help families observe Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. You are invited to participate in Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl  and connect with families throughout the world.



Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
Maryknoll Reflection Guidecontains reflections, questions, prayers, fasts, and actions based on each week’s Gospel reading and the experience of Maryknoll missioners who have lived and worked with marginalized communities around the world. You are invited to use this guide individually or in small groups to reflect upon your life patterns, to pray more deeply, and renew your spirit to face the realities of our world. Click on the title to download this resource.

As we enter the holy season of Lent, the Church once again invites into the Lenten practices: Prayer, Penance, and Fasting. 

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