Justice and Peace

Lenten Journey to Easter

We walk this Lenten journey
with immigrants and refugees,
lost, unsure of their journey’s end,
still longing for a home.
We walk with those in poverty,
unable to live lives of dignity,
besieged by hunger and fear,
trying to hold on day by day.
We walk with those mourning
what is happening to God’s creation,
calling us all to better care and stewardship
of the earth, its creatures, and all growing things.
We walk with women who are trafficked,
who are abused, who are harassed,
who still live in the silences,
and who want to flee the darkness.
We walk with peacemakers,
walking a very rocky road toward peace
when so much conflict rages
and so many fan the flames of violence.
We walk with all those carrying burdens,
yet we walk in faith and hope.
Despite the suffering of the Cross,
we walk toward an Easter dawning.
We move toward the seemingly impossible
Resurrection, a time of justice and peace.
We walk, called forward through the darkness
by the Risen Christ.
In his name we pray. Amen.
—Jane Deren, PhD, Education for Justice