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Off to Santa Clara, CA!


On Thursday, April 26th, two trucks left Rock Street in Fall River, MA filled with Holy Union records, documents, pictures, videos, photo albums, audio recordings, and artifacts of every description, bound for Santa Clara University in California.

Our Archivist, Sam MacAdoo, has spent four years gathering, organizing, researching and packaging the materials that collectively tell the story of Holy Union in the United States for posterity.  The content of these two trucks have been gathering since 1886 when our first group of Sisters arrived here in Fall River one hundred and thirty-eight years ago. Sam carried forward the work of previous archivists and Sisters, including Sr. Rita Beaudoin, Sr. Grace Donovan, Sr. Christine LaCroix, and Sr. Carol Regan, and spearheaded the project to determine where our Archives will be housed for religious, academics, and students of the future to learn about our time here which stretched across the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

Santa Clara University has been a wonderful organization to work with throughout our evaluation of several possible homes for our archives, and are looking forward to receiving these materials and beginning the process of creating a means of safely storing them and a system to make them available for those interested in our history in the US.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this important undertaking over the last several years, especially Sr. Christine LaCroix and Sam McAdoo. And finally, thanks to all of you, who through your works, ministries, and daily activity, have contributed to our mission and left this set of footprints for future generations to learn from.

Below are a series of photographs taken during this past week’s moving day.




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