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A Prayer for Disarmament

Pope Francis visited Hiroshima in 2019





Breath of All that Is,
preserve us from our own madness.
Direct us away from dealing destruction to others,
a path which leads to the ruin of ourselves and our world.
Protect us. Help us to hear you. Jesus Christ, Beloved,
Show us your precious face in all others, you in us,
and we in each other, from all places.
Teach us how to lower our defenses.
Feed us Love which transcends fear.
Heal us. Help us to let go of all fear.
Holy Spirit, you call us, in our minds,
in our world, and through each other.
Speak to us. Speak through us.
When we worship power, control, money,
when we cannot forgive, or shove pain onto others, call us.
Light the fire of Love. We will not be afraidPax Christi Northern California (www.paxchristinorcal.org) Image and prayer by KimVanderheiden.
We will not be afraid.
Love transcends all fear.
You are with us always. Amen.

Prayer by Pax Christi Northern California 
Kim Vanderheiden



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