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Prayer for Fathers of the World

Prayer for Fathers of the World
We give thanks for fathers all around the world.
We hold up to you the pains and sufferings of fathers
Who cannot care for their children
Because of unjust systems, policies, and structures.

We pray for fathers in the United States who cannot 
Find jobs to support their families.
We pray for fathers who only receive
A minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

We pray for fathers imprisoned in the United States.
We pray for all men of color, who, when released,
Will have neither the jobs nor the resources to mend their broken families.

We pray for fathers who are anguished
Because they cannot obtain health insurance and health care for their children.

We pray for immigrant fathers who came to the U.S.
Seeking work and are separated from their families in other lands.

We pray for fathers in the military who are far away from their children
And are being wounded in body, mind, and soul in the midst of death and destruction.

We pray for the fathers around the world who struggle to feed their children
In countries ravaged by poverty and disease because of debt, unfair trade systems,
Unequal distribution of resources, conflict and war, and limited access to work and food.

We give thanks for the fathers who, despite the many barriers they face,
Continue to reach out with love to their children, to guide and protect them.
Help us support policies that will create jobs with decent income and benefits
That will allow all men to take on their role of fatherhood with dignity.
Bring all wars to an end quickly so that fathers may return to their families
And heal the effects of long separation.

We give thanks that in the midst of such hardship and suffering,
many fathers remain hopeful for the future of their children.
For all these men, we pray for a transformation of unjust systems, polices, and structures.
Guide the world’s leaders to discern the way to create just communities
In all parts of the world so that all men can live in dignity and peace with their families. Amen.
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