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A Prayer for Mid-Term Elections

God of Justice and Peace,
Guide us to support the common good
As we prepare for the midterm elections.
Help us to affirm our rights and responsibilities
As citizens and members of our communities.
May we be informed and committed voters
Who value the social teachings of the Church:
The concern for those at the margins,
The hungry, the homeless, the sick and wounded,
The call to kinship and to non-violence.
May our values shape our choices at the polls.
May we recognize our responsibilities
To ensure that no voters face barriers
As they freely exercise their right to vote;
May we support the policies and measures
To ensure that all votes are counted fairly
And that all transfers of power are peaceful.
God of Justice and Peace,
We pray that we may play our part
To ensure the common good
As we seek to heal our nation. Amen

Jane Deren, Ph.D. Education for Justice,
a project of the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

You may download a copy of this prayer here.2022 Prayer- Midterm Elections





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