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Q & A:Sr. Constance Fonju, educates children from Pygmy tribes in Cameroon

Sr. Joyce Meyer, PBVM of Global Sisters Report recently interviewed Sister Constance Fonju about the Holy Union Sisters’ ministry to the Baka people of Cameroon. For many years the sisters provided health care to the Bakas, a migratory tribe who live in the forest and are often looked down upon by the government. In 2007 the Bakas asked the sisters to start a nursery and primary school. The school, Alfred Therese Nursery and Primary has special significance to Holy Union Sisters in the United States. Sr. Alfred Therese, an America, led the first Holy Union Sisters who arrived in Cameroon in 1932. She died of a tropical illness shortly after her arrival and is buried in one of the early Holy Union Missions.

Click on this link to read the complete interview.

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