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We invite you to explore these resources which focus on issues of  injustice in our country and world.
Advent: Journey with Black MigrantsThe Interfaith Immigration Coalition offers the series, “Lighting the Candles: Journey with Black Migrants”, focusing on the struggle faced by Black migrants to the U.S.. It includes 7 sessions, one for each of the 4 Weeks of Advent, Christmas, and the feasts of the Holy Family and Epiphany. Each session contains Scripture, spiritual reflection and question, a story of black migrants, suggested actions, and a prayer. Click on this link to sign up to receive this Advent series.

 Advent Reflection CalendarMary Joseph Jesus Homeless
A daily Reflection Calendar comes from Fr. Terry Moran and the Srs. of Charity of Convent Station. No Room: An Advent Journey with People Experiencing Homelessness. The calendar offers an opportunity to pray and reflect each day of Advent with those experiencing homelessness.To download the calendar, click here: Advent Calendar 2020 Homelessness Final


Ignatian Solidarity Network offers this invitation.
This Advent, commit to simplicity. In a season that can mistakenly be focused on gifts and consumption, explore ways to live simply as we hopefully prepare for the coming of Jesus and the restoration of the earth.
Step 1: Sign up for the challenge to receive reminder emails or texts to check the advent calendar which will be filled with daily inspiration to live abundantly and joyfully while healing the earth this Advent.
Step 2: Set your intention for this season by pledging to focus on simplicity in a particular area of your life. After a particularly painful year, let’s celebrate this Season of Hope by keeping it simple. Click on this link to participate.
The Mercy Earth Challenge for December is
Sustainable Shopping. It will focus on reflections on our lifestyles in the act of purchasing. Mercy Challenge Sustainable Shopping”Pope Francis in Laudato Si calls us to “the great need for a sense of social responsibility on the part of consumers.” He references Pope Benedict’s statements on this same issue: “Purchasing is always a moral – and not simply economic – act”.
Today “the issue of environmental degradation challenges us to examine our lifestyle”. Pope Francis challenges us “to go out of ourselves towards the other. Unless we do this, other creatures will not be recognized in their true worth; we are unconcerned about caring for things for the sake of others; we fail to set limits on ourselves in order to avoid the suffering of others or the deterioration of our surroundings.”
This 4 session series will focus on earth friendly ways of shopping, the use and purchase of electronics, alternative gift giving, purchasing locally, and the effects of our clothing industry on the environment. During the Advent and Christmas season take time to examine and reflect on your purchasing. Download Sustainable Shopping Week 1







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