Dorothy Vaill Fund



The Dorothy Vaill Memorial Fund is open to children and women who demonstrate financial need for assistance in obtaining a quality well-rounded education. Children must be currently enrolled or accepted at a Catholic elementary or high school. Women must be enrolled or accepted at an accredited college/professional school, or a certified job training program. Applicants must be residents of states in which Holy Union Sisters are currently serving in ministry: Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.


Grants are awarded for one (1) year and are dependent upon financial need. Grants may be renewable contingent upon ongoing financial need and successful academic performance, but for not more than three (3) additional years. Grants will be paid directly to the school, college or training program for tuition only. Grants will not be awarded for payment of student loads, textbooks and materials or past courses. Grant amounts may vary dependent upon the earnings of the Dorothy Vaill Memorial Fund and usually range between $500.00 and $1000.00.

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