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Season of Creation: Jubilee

Season of Creation Prayer

Loving Creator,
As we enter into the Season of Creation,
We find ourselves in a time
Of wildfires, hurricanes, and floods
Intensified by global pandemic
And laying bare racial injustice.
Despite the death and destruction
That surrounds us on all sides,
We pray that the Spirit will
Guide us into new ways of
Seeing, living, and being.

This Season of Creation
As we uplift a Jubilee for the earth,
We pray for help and courage
To heal our relationships
With Creation and with each other.

May this season be a period of
Biblical Jubilee, restoration, and hope.
A time of rest, forgiveness of debts, and
Freedom from structures and habits that
Inhibit us from living lives of gratitude and awe.
With your guidance, may we
Explore, experience, and co-create,
Radically new ways of living with creation,
In loving communion with each other, AMEN
Education for Justice, a project of the
Ignatian Solidarity Network 
To download this prayer, click here:
 Jubilee Creation Prayer WEB


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