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Season of Creation Sept. 1 ~ Oct. 4

Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I proclaimed 1 September as a day of prayer for creation for the Orthodox in 1989. In fact, the Orthodox church year starts on that day with a commemoration of how God created the world. Following the leadership of Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I, Christians worldwide have embraced the season as part of their annual calendar. Pope Francis made the Roman Catholic Church’s warm welcoming of the season official in 2015. The season starts September 1, the Day of Prayer for Creation, and ends October 4, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology. Throughout the month-long celebration, the world’s 2.2 billion Christians come together to care for our common home. Watch this video to learn more about the Season of Creation.
2021 THEME  “A HOME for ALL? RENEWING the OIKOS of GOD.” Oikos, the Greek word for house, includes Earth our common home, everyone living in it, and the web of connections that unites all living things on our common home. The symbol of the Season of Creation 2021 is the tent of Abraham and Sarah, seen in the logo. The tent is a symbol of hospitality and of our challenge to restore Earth to be a welcoming place to all life. Watch this video for an explanation of Oikos. At 7 a.m. Sept. 1 ET, there will be an ecumenical online Prayer Service. Visit the Season of Creation website to set a reminder to join the Prayer Service.
The Season of Creation is an opportunity to create real change in the world.
Take action during the Season of Creation by signing the ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People’ petition. Weeks ahead of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, Christians have an opportunity to advocate and create real change for our common home during the ecumenical season. To help launch the Season of Creation, Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, issued a historic joint statement. In it, they wrote: “As world leaders prepare to meet in November at Glasgow to deliberate on the future of our planet, we pray for them and consider what the choices we must all make. Accordingly, as leaders of our Churches, we call on everyone, whatever their belief or worldview, to endeavor to listen to the cry of the Earth and of people who are poor, examining their behavior and pledging meaningful sacrifices for the sake of the earth which God has given us.”





























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