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Seeking Transformation in Pittsburgh


From April 28 through May 1, 2024, over 250 women religious leaders, communicators, and justice and peace promoters convened at the Sheraton Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA to discuss “A Transformation of Consciousness”. This ambitious undertaking is a response to the escalating polarization, political conflict, and even violence in our nation and in our world as we approach the 2024 election and beyond.  Holy Union was represented by Sr. Mary Lou Sullivan – leadership, Mary Lou Simcoe – justice and peace promoter, and Ken Gustin – communicator ( r. to l. above).

Topics we explored included the importance of looking inward to better understand the source of division within ourselves, the need to repair the wounds which are being created to the fabric of our society, and how best to inspire unity and find common ground, rather than focus on areas where we may not be fully in agreement.

Small group sharing, exercises on how to bring about agreement and equitable decision making, and large group insights from groups all added to a richer understanding of the issue before us and helped begin to light a path forward to a more unified day.

Over the next many months various congregations will be reflecting on ways to help bring down the temperature which has been heating up in the media, online, and even within our families and homes. A more comprehensive sharing of the conference discussions and outcomes will be featured in Holy Union’s July issue of Response. You can read more about the Transforming Grace initiative and many useful resources on the website of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious’ Transforming Grace Initiative

As we work our way through these difficult days, we join together in prayer asking for guidance and wisdom to find a path to peace and unity. We invite you to listen to this lovely musical theme which ended our conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwckMpR9V-Q

A photo album of the conference is below.





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