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Sept. 1 ~ Oct. 4 Season of Creation

Season of Creation 2019 Theme: Web of Life

What is the Season of Creation?
An annual celebration
The Season of Creation begins on September 1, the Day of Prayer for Creation, and ends on October 4, the feast day of St. Francis. This year, the theme of the Season of Creation is ‘The Web of Life,’ which was chosen as a gesture of solidarity with the Synod on the Amazon  in October. One million species are threatened by our lifestyle. Solving this challenge serves the Creator of all.
We pray that the celebration of the Season of Creation will provide each of us with an opportunity to develop a greater appreciation of God’s love and care as expressed in the web of life. We pray that this time of year will help us all continue growing in empathy with people and places that are vulnerable and exploited.
A global movement
During the Season of Creation, Christians around the world rejoice together. We’re called to honor the Creator by loving creation and each other. This year, we’re protecting the web of life in all its variety, because each species reveals the glory of the Creator.
Powerful local events
Local communities across the globe host events for the season. Some of us pray, some of us do hands-on projects, some of us advocate. A dozen ideas to get started are in the celebration guide.
The Global Catholic Climate Movement offers excellent resources to observe the Season of Creation.
Other Resources
Visit the Season of Creation website for a useful Guide.
Pope Francis has established September 1st as an annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, inspired by the example of the Orthodox Churches who have observed this day for a number of years. Download this Prayer Service_Sept 1-World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation for the World Day of prayer for the Care of Creation.

Watch this Reflective Video on the 2019 Theme:Web of Life