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Independence Day South Sudan ~ July 9

Since its founding in 2006, the Holy Union Sisters have participated in Solidarity with South Sudan, a collaborative project of congregations of women and men religious. Since 2008 religious sent by Solidarity have been on the ground in South Sudan.The goal of Solidarity with South Sudan is the empowerment of the local people through professional preparation of teachers, health care workers and pastoral ministers. 
South Sudan, as well as other countries, is living in a climate of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 emergency. But the difficulties for South Sudanese people are higher because the pandemic is only another problem added to the years of clashes and conflicts they have experienced. In accord with national provisions, projects are currently closed to protect students and staff, but Solidarity members have remained to help and sustain the people in these difficult times. Visit the Solidarity website to view a video edited to commemorate this special day and an Independence Day Prayer Independence Day Prayer

This is a collaborative ministry of institutes of women and men religious in the U.S. which works to raise awareness of the situation in South Sudan and work in collaboration with Solidarity with South Sudan and the Church. Joan Mumaw IHM is the founder and President of Friends in Solidarity. You can read a message from Sr.Joan by clicking on this link:
Two additional  sources of information are the website and  Facebook Page.
Prayer for Peace
We invite you to pray for peace in South Sudan. Download the Independence Day Prayer in independencedayprayer2020_eng and independencedayprayer2020_sp

South Sudan Flag

Meaning of the colors of the flag: Black represents the people of South Sudan. Red is the blood shed during the struggle for independence. Green signifies agriculture, natural resources, land and a symbol of progress. White signifies the peace acquired after years of struggle for liberation. Blue means the River Nile, a source of life for the nation. Yellow symbolizes unity of the states, determination and hope for all.




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