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Three New Holy Union Sisters in Cameroon



On September 21, 2023, in Nkongsamba in Cameroon, three Holy Union sisters made their final vows.  Pictured above are Sisters Juliet Mbinkar Ayori, Emerance Nadine, and Francisca Lamnteh.  We were delighted to find the video linked below on YouTube of a fourteen minute local news story on the event done by Radio Evangelium Kumbo.  The joyful celebration is a wonderful thing to behold.  We hope you take a few minutes to watch this story and witness how Catholicism is being practiced so vibrantly in Cameroon, and how much love and support is showered on these three new Sisters by their community and families.

We welcome you all with open arms, and may God bless your vocations and your ministries as you join in union with us.

Click HERE to watch the video!








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