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UNANIMA International Board Meets

The Holy Union Sisters have been members of UNANIMA International since 2003. Today UNANIMA counts 22 congregations as members, with women religious engaged in more than 60 countries. Sr. Carol Regan (4th from right in photo) recently attended the organization’s board meeting in New York, which included a guided tour of the United Nations. Sr. Carol reflected on this visit: “… I am impressed each time by the beauty of the place and the wisdom and compassion that ground the UN’s mission. Of course, the UN’s ideals are far from being fully realized. But the world walks its corridors, carrying hints of inclusion respect, collaboration and possibilities for a better world.”

The Vision Statement of the Holy Union Sisters recent Collegial Assembly calls the members “to be a prophetic presence in our world, to respond to the urgent call of Laudato Si, to strengthen our engagement … with the wider world.” Our continuing participation in UNANIMA is one vehicle through which we can bring our Vision Statement to life.

An article on one way non-governmental organizations such as UNANIMA influence the work of the UN was recently published in the National Catholic Reporter. It discusses a presentation the Sisters of Charity Federation made to the UN Commission on Social Development and can be found at https://www.ncronline.org/channel/global-sisters-report