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US Census Countdown to Sept. 30th

LCWR is partnering with the 2020 Census in the belief  that every person counts! In the past, millions of children, people of color, low-income Americans and immigrants have gone uncounted and those undercounts have resulted in the underfunding of resources our communities need to thrive including schools, hospitals, and critical infrastructure—even preparation for health emergencies, like COVID-19. PLEASE help shape the future by ensuring that everyone is counted in the #2020Census.
Here are some resources to help you make Good Noise.
– Visit Census.gov  for more information.
– Secure Data Download this page  Data Confidentiality Span (in Spanish and English)Data Confidentiality Eng to learn about what happens with the data you share

Download this page for information about where to count yourself if you haven’t been counted. where-to-count-yourself






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