Justice and Peace Issues

November 11 ~ Veteran’s Day.

We invite you to pray this prayer which
Sr. Joan Guertin recently prayed at the
Leave No One Behind Benefit for the New England Center and Home for Veterans.

Divine, Holy Mystery, as we gather this evening to honor in a special way
the women and men who have served or are serving in the armed forces,
let us recall in a special way the Greatest Generation
as this year we remember the 75th anniversary of D Day.
May their courage, their valor, their selflessness, their willingness
to sacrifice their all to make a world free of tyranny, of prejudice, of injustice, of inhumanity,
inspire us to continue to create that kind of world today.

May the selfless courage exhibited on June 6, 1944, embolden us today
to work for equality for all
to choose dialogue over diatribe
to make a world free of war a reality
to end racism throughout our land
to pass budgets that help all sectors of our society
to place the needs of our fragile planet over our personal comfort.

Divine, Holy Mystery, we need courage to be agents of love,
compassion and peace in our broken world.
We ask you for this grace this evening as we honor
our courageous service members past and present.